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Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. helps customers analyze their needs and design solutions to fill them.  When they're ready for development we help them, too.  We also assist in project management and work flow needs.  Why should someone use Pragmatic Solutions for consulting?

Key Benefits

  • Our staff has the experience.  We know what works!
  • We've been there before.  We've seen your problems already and recommended solutions.
  • Our knowledge and contacts are extensive.


Project Management Consulting
We have extensive experience managing projects.  We have one of the few people certified on Microsoft Project on our staff.  We can mange your projects, consult with or train your project managers, and help you refine the process
 Analysis and Design
We can analyze your needs and design a solution.  If software development  is involved we can provide that, too.  
Process and Workflow Analysis
Sometimes part of the problem is how things are done as opposed to what's being done or what tools are used.  We can help analyze the problems and design solutions that we can help you implement.

What Does It Cost?

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