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Speaker Services




Services to speakers?  Absolutely!

What's a speaker?  We define a speaker as someone who spends part of their job time talking to groups.  You might be a professional speaker, a member of NSA.  You might be a business person who presents to other members of you firm or to clients.

The main question is:  Would you like to get better and get the word out?

Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. offers two services to speakers:

Coaching.  Harry McClanahan, our president, has a degree in Communication Arts; spent eleven years teaching and nineteen years in broadcast radio, and is a member of NSA.  He can help you improve your presentations.  Will his one-on-one coaching and session critiques improve your presentations?  Only if you apply his suggestions.

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Creating custom sound files for use on your web site, to market your next seminar, or as an audio newsletter.  Who better to tell your story than you?  What better way than with a musical background and the professional editing we can provide?  Want a sample of what we can do?  Click here to listen to a Windows Media Player presentation.

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Interested?  Call us at 952-933-6092 or 1-888-992-4-PSI.

See A Speaker's Ten Commandments.

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