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What Does It Cost?




What does it cost?  The quick and honest answer is that it depends.  For training, volume discounts apply.  The worst case pricing for training is:

  • Classes listed as two-day classes:  $795/participant
  • Classes listed as one-day classes:  $395/participant

For speaking, the things that affect pricing are numerous including, but not limited to, length of presentation, number of attendees, and the type of presentation.  Call with your details and we'll help determine the price.

For technical consulting, again it depends and again volume discounting may apply.  The worst case pricing is:

  • Microsoft Project and companion products:  $195/hour
  • Development:  $125/hour

There is a 2-1/2 hour minimum charge locally, and a minimum day charge beyond that.

For non-technical consulting (ethics, speech coaching, etc.), please call for a quote.


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