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Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. develops custom software solutions primarily around Microsoft products.  We analyze, design  , develop and implement software solutions using Microsoft Office as the user interface and appropriate data storage solutions (e.g. Access/Jet, SQL Server)

Key Benefits

  • Our staff has the experience.  We know what works and can be flexible.
  • We use the tools you already have.  Many businesses standardize on Microsoft Office.  We help you to make it do what you need it to do and, when necessary, help you connect to SQL Server.
  • Our knowledge and contacts are extensive.


We've been developing software solutions since 1987.  Our staff have been in the industry longer than that.  We know how to develop successful solutions and can help develop yours, too.
We work with the products that you are likely to already have and customize them to do what you need.  You have Microsoft Office, we can develop solutions that are attractive to the users and assist them in their jobs.  You need Access to interact with Excel and Word?  We make it happen.  You need everything to look at SQL Server data?  We make that happen, too.
Knowledge and Contacts
We assist other developers.  We're a member of IAMCP.  We can help!


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