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Customer Raves




What do our customers say?
"Whatever you're teaching, we're signing up!"  "Thank you for making potentially boring material fun." 
  "Thumbs up! Yea, Harry!" "...helpful in the real-world environment."  
  "Good, well-presented information.  Knowledge of the material presented was excellent.  Helpful hints for 'back at the ranch' implementation." "Thank you!  It was a great class!"  

"Good Presentation style.  I fully understood the new tricks in MS Project.
  Good job, Harry"

"Superb instructor!  One of the best I have had anywhere."

"Best course I have ever taken."
"Kept class moving and [was] able to meet [the] needs of the group with wide knowledge level."

"I found the course very helpful and I'm thrilled that I can take away from it knowledge that will help me immediately in my job.  This was better than I anticipated"
"Thank you Harry.  You were entertaining when you taught!"
"The sessions were interactive and the learning was good as real-life project issues were discussed."
"I appreciate the flexibility/desire of the instructor to cater the instruction to my needs."
"Excellent approach to teaching [by giving] the planning process and tool at the same time."   "One of the best classes I have taken."
"This is the first class I've ever taken where I didn't end up training the trainer.  Thanks!" "Very well taught.  Thanks for all the real-life examples"
"Fabulous Job!" "Excellent course and delivery  Thanks!"
"I enjoyed the learning experience." "I HAD to attend a seminar and learn about ethics! I was pleasantly surprised when Harry took the topic of ethics from dull to exciting and put ethics in a new light for me. I know now it is not something you are, but it is what you do as well as carry in your heart and soul."


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